Curbing Knee Pain in the Winter

Cold weather can inflict additional pain to those with knee or ankle issues. To combat the additional soreness winter has on joints, stay active and keep your knees limber through exercise. Consuming more calcium can help boost the joints as well. For more tips on how to beat winter joint pain, click here:: Ways to […]

Stretches to Relieve Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis is painful, common, yet treatable. There are a number of great stretches can help relieve your pain at the start or end of your day. Do a standing calf stretch to help flex and stretch the muscle under your foot. Empty a bag of marbles and proceed to pick them up with your […]

Removing Uric Acid Crystals in Feet

Gout on your big toe can cause immense pain and can interfere with walking. Luckily, the uric acid build-up in the toe can be decreased and get you walking pain-free. Eating foods such as walnuts, bell peppers, cucumbers, and other alkaline foods can counteract the acid and ease the swelling. For more on gout treatment […]

Got Foot Pain? Don’t Ignore It!

If you are experiencing pain in your feet, you should monitor and address the pain immediately! While foot pain is common, it could be an indicator of a much larger problem. If you are experiencing foot pain, schedule an appointment with your physician to get a clear diagnosis. For more on why shouldn’t ignore injuries, […]

Tips to Keep Knees Strong and Pain-Free

Knee injuries are common, but there are ways to keep them healthy and strong. Drink copious amounts of water to keep them fluid and flexible. Maintain a healthy weight in order to prevent your knees from straining. Regular exercise can also keep your knees and the muscles around them strong. For more on how to […]

Knee Osteoarthritis Improve Through Exercise

New research compiled by the British Journal of Sports Medicine indicates that exercise should help improve the pain in knee osteoarthritis patients. The study showed that monitored exercise programs improved not only the pain, but the function of the afflicted knee joint. Get more details on this study here:: Supervised exercises help with knee osteoarthritis

Relieving Knee, Ankle, Joint Pain Through Yoga

Knee pain and ankle issues could improve through some simple yoga. Yoga is a low-impact exercise that can help stretch the ligaments and strengthen tendons around the knee and ankle. Many people experiencing chronic knee or ankle pain report improvement due to the enhanced flexibility and blood flow to those areas after a yoga session. […]

Recognizing Tendonitis

Tendonitis can really put a burn on your knees and make movement a pain. If you experience aches around the knee joint along with pain during exercise, you may be inflicted with tendonitis. You should treat the joint with a brace, but consult a doctor for a thorough treatment plan. For a full article on […]

How New Year’s Resolutions Cause Foot Pain

Many folks made the New Years Resolution to lose weight, but many of them stop due to foot pain. In most cases, this is due to wearing improper footwear when working out or running. Invest in supportive, comfortable training shoe or running shoe to ensure protection from heavy impact as you exercise. For more on […]

Relieve Knee Pain on Your Couch

If you are experiencing knee pain, you can get some relief as you sit and watch TV. Put an ice pack on your knee for five minutes, followed by a heat pack for twenty minutes. Do this as you watch TV and relax, but be sure to stay active and exercise to prevent knee stiffness. […]